Minster Cluster
48 North Hanover St.
Minster OH 45865
Ph: 419-628-2614


Caring Ministry


Our Caring Ministries consist of group efforts to help the: bereavement, homebound, hospitalized and those in any particular need. The Caring Ministries reach out to the St. Augustine/St. Joseph parish family, bringing the comforting presense of Jesus, prayers, listening skills, and sharing concern in their time of need. For specific information on any of these ministries, contact:


A Bereavement Minister is assigned soon after a death, to offer prayerful support and to provide a supportive atmosphere for a grieving family.

There is help for those dealing with grief throughout the year. No matter how long it has been since your loved one has died, grief can make special days and holidays a painful time.

Learn more about GriefShare by visiting their web site www.griefshare.org or contact Jean Bergman.

Sr Marla Gipson 
419-628-2614 or srmarla[at]staugi[dot]com 


Once every week, our Caring Ministers visit our parishioners who have been admitted into Joint Township District Memorial Hospital in St. Marys. They also visit other patients from our area, bringing them the comforting presence of Jesus. The Eucharist is brought to them during these visits.

Sue Prenger


Prayer Line Request

The power of prayer can be requested in someone's name. A prayer chain is started…bringing comfort for that person and their loved ones.

Shirley Olding


Cindy Vondenhuevel


Deb Knapke



Mission Commission 

 Our Mission Statement

The objective of the Mission Commission is to reach out to our community through volunteers who have been faithful to God’s calling to look past themselves in sharing of their time and resources with those who need it most.

Through generous donations from our parishioners, the Mission Commission is able to assist many people and organizations through various programs.  Some of these include:

Our Annual Garage Sale

Generous donations of clothing and household goods from our community allow us to host this annual event in July.  The monies generated from this sale help to fund our various projects throughout the year.  All items not sold are donated to Agape Ministries and St. Vincent de Paul.

Sidney Soup Kitchen

We send volunteers to the local soup kitchen to prepare and serve lunch to the hungry and homeless.

Soup and Bread Luncheon

During lent, we prepare soup and bread for the community as a way of bringing the community together for social interaction and camaraderie.  We invite a guest speaker, giving all donations we receive during the luncheon to his or her program.

Easter Program

We deliver Easter flowers to the homebound and the “90 year old and over” residents of the parish community which gives us an opportunity to interact with them, showing them that they are not forgotten.

Bingo @ Heritage Manor Nursing Home

We organize volunteers to help with the weekly bingo and supply the bingo prizes.  We also provide the birthday cake for the monthly birthday bingo. 


We fund and create rosaries for our own community’s needs and also send them to many areas of the world.


We pay for shipping of packages to our community soldiers in active combat areas overseas.

Thanksgiving Food Drive

We assist in gathering food from our community and then donating it to local families in need and to Agape Ministries.

Christmas Baskets

We assemble baskets of fruit, cookies, snacks and drinks, deliver them to the homebound and the “90 year old and over” parishioners, and spend some caring time with them.

Angel Program

Through generous donations from the parish community, we provide Christmas gifts of clothing and toys to families in dire need, to the foster children of Auglaize County, and to Sister Marge Eilerman of Kentucky.

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St Augustine/St Joseph Parish Community located in Minster, Ohio and Egypt, Ohio would like to extend a hearty welcome to all families and individuals moving into our parish. The Mission of St Augustine/St Joseph Catholic Church is to provide an adequate and appropriate environment and resources where people may gather to hear the Word proclaimed. As a cluster, we celebrate the Eucharist, the sacraments, and provide the members of all ages the opportunity to grow in the practice of their faith, learning how to fully keep God's commandments as Christ taught us, by loving God and our neighbor.