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Religous Education




Grade School Release Time Classes

Religion classes for grades kindergarten through eight are offered from August through May in conjunction with the Minster School System. In a cooperative effort between the St. Augustine/St. Joseph cluster and the Minster Schools, the following policy is in effect:

Students enrolled in the St. Augustine/St. Joseph Release-Time Religious Education Program will attend Mass once a weekd and students in kindergarten through sixth grade will attend one sixty minute release-time catechetical instruction class. Junior High students will have two thirty minute release-time classes. The release time schedule is etr per Minster Local School administration. The option is not available to attend part of the program.

Mass Schedule
All students in grades kindergarten through eight registered in the released-time program will attend the 8:00 am Mass on Wednesday mornings. All students will report directly to church. Bussed students, including in town pick ups, will be dropped off at the Hanover Street church entrance. All students are transported by church owned busses after mass to school.

  • Attendance: Attendance is taken at Mass and in the classroom. Please notify the Parish Center at 419-628-3434 if your child will be absent.
  • Student Possessions: Students will put their belongings under the pew with the exception of band instruments, which will be placed on the floor per the monitors guidance.
  • Bikes/Mopeds: Students who ride their bikes/mopeds to church are not permitted to ride them to school after Mass. Students will need to walk back to St. Augustine Church after school to retrieve their bike/moped.

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High School PSR Classes

Ninth through twelfth grade students attend Parish School of Religion classes on Sunday mornings from 10:00 am until 11:25 am. Classes run from September through April.

Guidelines for Home-Based Religious Education

Please refer to pages 7 & 8 of the St. Augustine/St. Joseph Religious Education Handbook.



The St. Augustine/St. Joseph Religious Education Programs are in need of volunteers. If you are interested, please call the Parish Center at 419-628-3434


St Augustine/St Joseph Parish Community located in Minster, Ohio and Egypt, Ohio would like to extend a hearty welcome to all families and individuals moving into our parish. The Mission of St Augustine/St Joseph Catholic Church is to provide an adequate and appropriate environment and resources where people may gather to hear the Word proclaimed. As a cluster, we celebrate the Eucharist, the sacraments, and provide the members of all ages the opportunity to grow in the practice of their faith, learning how to fully keep God's commandments as Christ taught us, by loving God and our neighbor.